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FREE SHIPPING on domestic Orders $200 and up
FREE SHIPPING on domestic Orders $200 and up


Shoes by Alexandria Brandao is a women and kid's American fashion footwear brand that designs shoes for the everyday women and child! We want kid's to be able to match with their mommies so that they can show off their bond! We also want to bring women and girls together by making "the new and improved friendship bracelet" so they can walk like together in our shoes! 

         The brand recognizes the true essence of the everyday shoe lover. We strive to spark the interest in those who cannot help to stay away from a cute pair of shoes. This collection of fashion forward shoes compliments the everyday lifestyle of woman and child. Through sleek and timeless designs we bridge the gap between high end elegance and hard to bet prices. It’s hard not to get addicted.
Welcome to your safe haven!
Our Motto:
Alexandria Brandao designed shoes because she wanted to make a difference in the world by bring women of all kinds together. Showing them that we all are trying to be ourselves in this crazy world, that we must have empathy towards one another and be kind to one another and in turn that brings love into this world which we need a lot more of! Our brand wants their clients to look at another and smile when they both are wearing the shoes and to be reminder that we all want the same thing which is be accepted for who they are, to be kind to one another and to spread love where ever we go!
That is where the saying "Be You, Be Kind, Be LOVE" comes from and the meaning behind it. 

Meet the Designer:

         Picture of Alexandria Brandao the designer and CEO of Shoes by Alexandria Brandao

      The designer, Alexandra Vazquez, started her career by opening a store in 2010 in Miami, Florida. She wanted first and foremost to empower women. She wanted to spread her love the only way she knew how and that was through styling women. By helping women feel their best, she instilled the idea that they can conquer the world — because when you look your best, you’re invincible. When you feel invincible, you spread that love onto others, therefore, causing a chain reaction. Be you, Be Kind, Be love is what ALX Couture is all about. Alexandra first opened her stores, not just for fashionistas, but for every woman -- every size, every shape, and every color. She knew the first step was curating an impeccable selection for her store, but to really make sure every woman who shopped at ALX could shine her brightest.

       Years later, Alexandra, was craving for more. She wanted to inspire women not only in Miami, Fl, but all around the world. In 2018 she launched, Shoes by Alexandria Brandao, an American based brand that recognizes the true essence of the everyday shoe lover. Her first designed sandal was created to spark conversation between women with just a simple cute jelly sandal. Her collection has now grown to include sandals, heels and wedges which have been seen all over the world from the magazine pages of Vogue UK, to the runways at Miami Swim Week. She has not only designed shoes for women but now has launched her first ever kids line! This collection of fashion forward shoes compliments the everyday lifestyle of thriving young girls, to empowering influential women. Through her sleek and timeless designs, she has bridged the gap between high end elegance and hard to beat prices.


Mission Statement:

Shoes by Alexandria Brandao strives to inspire young girls and empower women on the daily through a pair cute of SHOES! Our motto, “Be you, Be kind, Be love,” empowers women and girls to be themselves and feel there absolute best while wearing our shoes! We like to say,” It starts with YOU, one little act of KINDNESS at a time, fills the world with absolute LOVE.” We want to spread our message across the world, one beautiful soul at a time, and that’s why we want to start with you.